Botswana Safaris

A place like no other is explored on safaris in Botswana. Nowhere in Africa is the cycle of life and death, birth and renewal, survival and decline more apparent than in the great sun-scorched spaces of Botswana. These Botswana safaris are conducted where desert and delta survive as seemingly impossible neighbors, in one of the great wildernesses of the world - the Kalahari,

Botswana Safaris


The fiery sun, inhospitable terrain and generally featureless landscape would hardly seem to hold many attractions for visitors planning a Botswana safari. However, anyone who doubts the attraction has only to join a 4x4 excursion to the primeval fringes of Kubu Island in the Makgadikgadi Pans or watch a bat-eared fox at sunset coax her youngsters to sniff out termites in the gathering gloom to realize that Botswana is one of the greatest safari destinations in Africa.


Five Star Botswana Safaris

On an exclusive safari in Botswana, you will be spoilt by amazing accommodations and breathtaking settings. Botswana hosts small, intimate camps where guests can recharge spiritually and relax completely, totally isolated from the modern world. Few places on earth offer such great comfort in locations as remote as the exclusive safari camps of Botswana.


Botswana FIve Star Safaris


These safari packages offer the finest lodges in Botswana, in combinations that strive to explore the top safari destinations at a pace that is relaxing and enjoyable. With the exception of the exclusive lodges located in Chobe, all of the other top-end safari camps included in the packages we propose, are tented camps. These camps blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings and offer an experience unlike any other African travel package.


Botswana Safari Camps & Lodges

The lodges of Botswana are located in a country larger than Spain and almost the size of Texas. Botswana is a land of hot sands wedged between Namibia in the west, the Caprivi in the north, Zimbabwe in the east and South Africa in the south. About 85 per cent of its surface area consists of Kalahari Desert sand, an ochre to light-brown mantle that carries the footprints, skeletons and fossils of 160 species of animal and an extraordinary community of hardy hunter-gatherers known as the San. The Botswana lodges we propose are located in these areas of unique geology and ecology.


Botswana camps

We do not provide a complete listing of all Botswana's lodges, but rather offer packages to the ones we prefer to use in each area. Worldwide Tours & Safaris have been offering fly-in lodge packages to the lodges of Botswana. These camps host a small number of people at a time and provide an exceptional wilderness experience. The lodges of Botswana range from comfortable to extremely luxurious. The emphasis at these lodges is always on exceptional service and unforgettable wildlife experiences. Two game activities are conducted daily by experienced rangers and trackers. The specific game activities would be determined by the area in which the lodge is located. It can consist of either land- or water-based game viewing or a combination of the two.