Student Travel

The young mind is a sponge; it soaks up knowledge from experiences that will leave indelible impressions far reaching into adulthood. Travel during teenage and early 20’s years provides experiential knowledge that will shape the minds of our young leaders. An understanding of foreign cultures, political systems and socio-economic scenarios different to one’s own, is a life-gift not obtainable in a classroom.
Student programmes to Southern Africa with Spirit of Africa are developed in conjunction with educators to ensure that the itinerary provides stimulation; and results in pre-determined outcomes. And whilst each programme has an educational and participatory core to the programme, they all offer students the opportunity to see and experience the sites and wonders of Southern Africa whilst they are here (ie Table Mountain, Penguins, Cape Point, Safari, Apartheid Museum etc) and can incorporate more adventurous activities such as shark cage diving, abseiling, elephant riding, ostrich racing etc.


Student travel